Bed Bug Control

For years Bed Bugs have been a serious problem in New York City and this problem does not seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon. With so many people moving in, out and around New York City every day and bringing bed bugs wherever they go, inspection and elimination must be thorough and vigilant. Whether you think you may have bed bugs or have clearly found them in your apartment or business, we have you covered. Call us today and request an on-site inspection so we can offer you the best and fastest solution to your bed bug problem.

Rat Control

It seems that the word "Rats" and "New York City" have become synonymous these days. Rats have fallen in love with this city just as much as we have, and they are not leaving. It used to be that they were in specific neighborhoods but today, they are everywhere! It used to be that you would see them during the night hours, but now we see them 24/7 and it is only getting worse. If you have rats, Call us today. We have the expertise to make sure that your house, office, art gallery, restaurant, or apartment is clear of them.

Ant Control

Tis' the season for ants! Although ants are some of the most annoying pests in existence to our customers, when they call us, the ants are gone. Plain and simple. Ants invade quickly and ant problems when left alone go from bad to worse in days. If you see ants, just give us a call at Big Apple Pest Control. We will send out a technician immediately and rectify your ant problem so you can enjoy your summer in peace.

Flea Control

There is a common misconception that you can only get fleas if you have pets in your house. In New York City, with the amount of dogs and cats that almost every resident has these days, fleas are truly everywhere. They can hop on to you and after you get home, they are now your problem. Your flea problem, although not an easy thing to deal with both physically and mentally, does not need to be a long one. We can handle fleas as well. We do this work every day and are happy to help.

In New York City, an apartment or business either has roaches now, will have them this year, or have had them in the past year, roaches and water bugs are a big problem. Whether you need a pet-friendly solution to your cockroach problem or a crack & crevice treatment with sealing included, we have you covered at Big Apple Pest Control.

Mouse Control

Mice. The name of the game with mice is figuring out where they are coming from, eliminating their entry points and keeping them out for good! Bait & Trapping is also a good solution depending on the type of area we are servicing. At Big Apple Pest Control we really are experts at rodent proofing and figuring out how these rodents move in your structure. If you see a mouse, do not delay, call a professional here at BAPC and we will take care of your mouse problem.


If you see a fly, just think of everywhere that fly has gone today and how and where it feeds. One of the worst problems to have is a fly issue and they carry a lot of issues with them. Whether you have Drain flies, Shoo Flies, Cluster Flies, just call or email us at BAPC and we will come and figure out where they are coming from and show you how fast they will be gone.


In the past couple of years, we have really seen an uptick in Pantry Moths & Clothes Moths specifically in both businesses & residences. Not many exterminators know how to successfully eliminate moth issues. At Big Apple Pest Control. rest assured that we do. Call us for our know-how, our friendly technicians and fast response time.


Whether you have spider beetles, a very common pest in the city, carpet beetles, or any other type of beetle, we have your elimination solution. Don't delay, call today!

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